Maggritte's Garden - From the Homage to Famous Artists Series

acrylic on panel 29.5 x 23 (16 x 24)


Randall Berndt

Randall Berndt is the former assistant curator at the James Watrous Gallery at the Overture Center for the Arts in Madison, Wisconsin and was for years the director of the Wisconsin Academy Gallery in Madison, Wisconsin. He received an MFA in painting from UW-Madison in 1969 and has pursued the life of the artist mixed with the demands of the "real world" ever since. Some career highlights include a major award for a painting accepted into the Butler Institute of American Art's 62nd Annual Midyear Exhibition, a 1996 Wisconsin Arts Board Visual Arts Fellowship and participation in the Madison Art Center's 1987 Triennial Exhibition. Berndt's paintings were juried into New American Paintings, Number 29 an exhibition in print published by Open Studios Press, Wellesley, MA, in 2000. In 2006 his paintings and drawings were included in the West Bend Art Museum's group exhibition Up North: Imaging North Woods Culture & Mythology.

Current Works

The Taming of Nature: Explorer's Surprise $550

graphite on clayboard 12 x 9

Shamanic Self Portrait with the Exaltation of Renardus Vulpinius $2,450

graphite on paper 24 x 19.5

The Explorer, Discoverer of Paganysme Also Believed to be Ultima Thule $2,450

graphite on paper 30 x 34 (19.5 x 23.5)

Portrait of Gentleman: Henry James Returns to Venice $1,850

acrylic on panel 20 x 26 (16 x 22)

My Great, Great Grandparents Visit the Temple of Flight $2,050

acrylic on panel 22 x 18

The Little Dancer with Degas Rebuked by the Modern Woman SOLD

acrylic on panel 16 x 16

Saint Andrew Patron Saint of Swineherds Visits My 20th Century Farm

graphite on paper 15 x 12

Pasticcio Garden: Tableau of Wistful Yearning

graphite on paper 20 x 20

My Great, Great Grandparents Visit the Temple of Flight

graphite on paper 15 x 12

The Museum Visit $650

graphite on clayboard 21 x 21 (12 x 12)

From the Homage to Famous Artists Series; Grant Wood's Love of Corn 

acrylic on panel 24 x 18

The Water Nymphs of Neuschwanstein Cove $950

acrylic on panel 12 x 11

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